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Road to Nowhere

Road to NowhereGoing to stick with Valley of Fire for a few more posts.  This park is absolutely amazing when it comes to photography.  There are so many different things you can take photos of right from the side of the road.  Even better things if you’re willing to take a small hike.

This was also taken in the late afternoon of November 3rd, 2007.  This area is on the east side of the park.  Just over the hill is the parking area and trail head to visit Elephant Rock.  Also just to the left of the road runs the Arrowhead Loop trail.  This trail shares a trail head with the Elephant Rock trail but loops around the large red hill pictured on the left.  At one point you walk along an old section of the Arrowhead Trail which used to run through this valley.  The Arrowhead Trail is long since abandoned, however if you hike it you can still find remnants of an bygone area.

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