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Lunar Eclipse

Lunar EclipseMy best shot of the lunar eclipse that occurred this past December.  This was taken about a mile from my house at six in the morning.  I had set my alarm the night before because I knew I wanted to see it.  After finally dragging myself out of bed I took a look from my office window and saw it was getting good.  I asked my daughter if she wanted to take a look and of course she did.  As she looked through the office window I started getting my shoes on to go hike to take this picture.  She insisted on joining along.  So the two of us hiked out to this spot to watch the developing eclipse as the sun rose behind us.  Once we’d had our fill we returned home for a much needed nap.

Next week I’m doing something a little different and special.  I plan on posting an image each day from a series of pictures I took a sunset a while back.  I really enjoy how the colors turned out in each picture and I’m sure you will to.

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