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Path to the Unknown

Path to the UnknownAhh yes another wonderful hike in Zion National Park.  This was taken during another hike on the Riverside Walk at the north end of the main canyon.  The place was really crowded on this particular day and I had to wait several minutes before I could get this shot.  I had people in the foreground, midground, AND background!  Only once the all cleared out was I able to get this shot.

Framing up the photo I purposely put the rock in the bottom right corner to server as a foreground anchor for the image.  This would bring your eye to the bright and high contrast water which was smoothed due to a two second exposure care of a 4-stop ND filter.  With your eye following the water fall you would come to the rocks and eventually the small trail leading up the bank on the other side, our “Path to the Unknown”.

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