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Sunset in Zion Canyon

Sunset in Zion CanyonAnother photo from Zion National Park.  This was taken along the northern section of the Emerald Pools Trail near The Grotto.  I’ve done this hike twice now and I really enjoy it.  You start at The Grotto, cross the river, and start up the canyon wall.  You quickly gain elevation, approximately a hundred feet, then level off to go along the west side of the canyon.  Continuing south after a mile you reach the Lower Emerald Pool.  It is common for a small waterfall to be pouring over the side of the walls here, and on occasion a much larger one.  After enjoying the cool, moist air you continue south ending the trail at the front steps of The Zion Lodge.  After this hike I like to take a break and enjoy some great dinner on the patio before heading home.

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