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Mojave Tracks at Sunset I

Mojave Tracks at Sunset II’ve been playing with The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE) trying to find cool sunset alignments in and around Las Vegas. I remembered some railroad tracks which run through Mojave National Preserve and started dropping the pointer to see if I would come up with something. I found this spot that I felt would serve nicely for my purposes. The sun isn’t setting directly at the end of the tracks, which I knew going out. If I wanted it exact I needed to have gone out a few weeks ago. However, the cool thing is, in a couple weeks a section of track further east of this spot will have near perfect alignment. So this trip served as a scouting trip to see what the area was like; Google Earth only shows so much.

I’m really happy with the results from the trip. My entire hike for the evening was almost 10.5 miles, with this spot being about 4.5 miles out. Am I sore? You bet. Blisters? Yup, 3 of em. Getting a shot like this? Priceless.

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