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Video ~ “Horizon”

A really stunning time lapse created by Randy Halverson on the wide open plains of South Dakota, with some Devil’s Tower, Wyoming mixed in.  He writes:

If you have ever been in a wide open landscape the most interesting thing isn’t necessarily the landscape itself, but what you see coming over the horizon. Growing up in South Dakota the landscape itself can be beautiful at times, but that doesn’t compare to what the sky can do, especially at night. Combine that with the landscape, and it makes for great photo opportunities.

Randy has done an excellent job capturing some truly stunning moments all including a variety of horizons.  I’m particularly fond of how he silhouetted Devil’s Tower, got some amazing motion in the Milky Way, beautiful moon set, the northern lights, and some amazing thunderstorms, lightning and all.

Click Randy’s name above to check out his site where he has other videos and still prints available.

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