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Death Valley Sunset Panorama

Death Valley Sunset PanoramaAs I was finishing up the Artist’s Drive Scenic Route, the sunset was developing fast in the west.  Thankfully Artist’s Drive ends right at Badwater Road (CA-190) with a perfect place to park.  I wasn’t alone.  Artist’s Drive opens from a canyon on both sides to an alluvial fan which opens into the valley below.  From here I could see another photographer already setup to catch the glorious sunset that was unfolding before our eyes.  Normally in this situation I would pass and move on, but not this time.  There wasn’t enough time and it was really the best spot possibly for miles.  So I pulled up behind the guy and started setting up myself.  While I was waiting for the sunset to get even better we did some small chit chat.  I was surprised how much of a positive experience it was after all.

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