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Beautiful Butterfly

Beautiful ButterflyThis photo comes from a hike along the Taylor Creek Trail which is located in the northern or Kolob Canyon section of Zion National Park.  My daughter and I were hiking to the Double Arch Alcove which is at the end of the trail.  Along the way we came across this patch of beautiful yellow flowers.  As we were looking at them we saw this butterfly happily feeding, moving from flower to flower.  Click here to see a Google Map of where this was shot.

To get this shot I cranked open the aperture as far as it would go at 200mm which is only a meager 5.6 on my EF-S 18-200.  Still it was enough to sufficiently blur the background while keeping the entire butterfly in focus.  This show was originally shot in landscape but I decided I liked the portrait crop better.  Once it was cropped I removed the branch and extra insect on the top left flower.  Then it was just a matter of adjustments to further push the background back.

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