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Kolob Reservoir Quackers

Kolob Reservoir QuackersAfter the hike along the Taylor Creek Trail we headed for the upper northern section of Zion National Park.  To get there you go east from La Verkin toward the main canyon.  Before you get there you will come to the small community of Virgin.  Here you turn left onto Kolob Resevoir Rd and proceed north.  Along the way you pass into and out of the park a couple of times.  Continuing north you eventually come to Kolob Reservoir which is pictured here.  We had driven around the reservoir on a well graded dirt road until I felt I could proceed no further without damaging my car.  At this point I pulled over and my daughter and I got out and enjoyed the scenery.  Turning the car around we proceeded back along the road we came in on.  On this particular afternoon wildfires were burning northwest of this location somewhere in Nevada.  This caused a significant amount of smoke and other particles to be present in the atmosphere.  Of course that makes for great photography.  I had been watching the sky while we were driving and when I saw this scene I just had to pull over and stop.  Imagine my surprise when the family of ducks swam into frame.  Couldn’t have timed it any better if I’d planned it.

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