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Sunset at the Wetlands

Sunset at the WetlandsOn the morning of October 23rd, I heard the meteorologist from the morning news report there were high clouds moving into the valley and they should be around all day.  I decided to pack my gear in my car and head off to work.  The idea being if the skies looked good in the evening I’d head back out to Wetlands for some more shots.  As luck would have it the skies were near perfect.  Just enough clouds to break up the blue skies, but not make it overcast.

After arriving, my goal was to get back to the pedestrian bridge for some more shots.  Along the way I passed this field with the path running through it and the sun just hitting the tops of the high grasses.  I stopped for a brief moment to get this capture.

Now I have to admit that this image has been heavily modified.  In reality the path you see hooks to the left not to the right.  With the path hooking to the left it make the right side of the frame feel empty so I changed it.

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