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Rise of the Phoenix

Rise of the PhoenixAfter a long day of driving and shooting infrared photos I was finally on the road home.  As I was driving south along NV-318 I could see the sky starting to show promise off to the west.  As it developed I started getting desperate to find a place to pull over and get a shot.  As luck would have it a nicely graded dirt road would appear and provide me with the perfect opportunity.  After snapping what I felt were a good collection of shots I sat back and relaxed enjoying the sunset and nature that surrounded me.  It was the perfect way to cap off my day.

As for the name, I had planned on naming this Fiery Tentacles.  All the clouds look like tentacles reaching out.  Then I noticed the shape of the darkest could in the center and how it reminded me of a crane’s neck.  As I kept looking I then spotted a body and pair of wings and the name, Rise of the Phoenix, came to mind (map).

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