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Among Giants III

Among Giants IIIContinuing today with another image from my stroll through Stout Memorial Grove.  After reviewing all the shots I plan on sharing from this walk, there are two more coming, I think this one is my favorite.  There is so much I’m happy about with this shot.  The way the path winds through the trees bringing you to the center of the frame and the center redwood.  The way the “first” fallen tree prevents you from going right while the “second” fallen tree prevents you from going left.  The way the two foreground trees serve as a frame.  The way the (from right to center) right, middle, and background tree are in an almost perfect line.  The clover at the base of the redwoods which, when shot in infrared, almost look like flowers.  Finally, the backlight coming through the trees.  All of it combined leaves me with a sense of wonder.  What is beyond those trees?  An angel, a white wizard, a portal to another dimension?  You’ll never know unless you walk the path and round the bend.

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