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From Along Boy Scout Trail

From Along Boy Scout Trail I

My daughter and I finally made it to the Boy Scout Trail trailhead and started our hike to Boy Scout Tree.  Once we started it didn’t take long for me to realize exactly how out of shape I was.  It had been a long time since we had gone on any hikes and I was feeling it.  The trail starts with a quick 200 foot ascent before dropping back down to the tree and on to Fern Falls.  Along the way we came to see this cool little foot bridge which crosses a small stream (map).

From Along Boy Scout Trail II

As we continued we came to this recently felled redwood.  The only way to pass was by going under it.  It is hard to visualize how large this tree is with no visual queues however, when I stood next to it the top of the tree came up to the top of my chest almost reaching my chin.  My daughter and I crouched down and made our way under without issue.  The trail was particularly muddy which made slopping through it fun.  Even under the redwood pictured there was a small piece of wood for placing your hands on to help in your crawl.  Scribbled on it were the words “Mud Loves You!”.   No such words were ever more appropriate (map).

I decided to do something different with these photos.  Wanted to have a little fun with black and white and emulating an old film feel.  Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

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