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Big Hairy Monster

Big Hairy MonsterFinishing up my shooting in Needles, I headed west along Interstate 40 to find Route 66.  It didn’t take long to find the US-95 exit which would eventually take me to the old Route 66 alignment I was looking for.

Well before the turn onto Goffs Road at Arrowhead Junction I spotted this cluster of Mexican Fan Palms off the west side of the highway.  I had to flip around, reverse course, and find a safe spot to pull over to grab this shot and a few others.  I believe these trees are fed by a nearby spring and they are the only ones of their type in the area.  These palms really stand out against the desert backdrop.  Being so tightly bunched together they look like a single larger organism, a big hairy monster.  You’ll be seeing more of them (map).

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