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FootprintsEarlier this year I took the family and close friend out to the Kelso Dunes which are located in the Mojave National Preserve just south of Baker, CA.  The original intent of the trip was to let my daughter sled down the sand dunes.  We borrowed a saucer sled from the neighbors and went out in search of adventure.  Along the way we passed through a great Joshua Tree forest, visited the Kelso Depot, and, after the dunes, explored a lava tube.  We had a great time and the kiddo really enjoyed the sledding.  This was taken during a break in the action.  I laid down in the sand, steadied myself, and grabbed this shot.  I didn’t do much in terms of processing.  A simple levels adjustment, composition crop, and then the B&W conversion.  You can see a map of most of the locations mentioned in a Google Map here.

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