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Sandstone Lines

Sandstone LinesAfter visiting Mouse’s Tank earlier in the day my daughter and I set out for the White Domes trail located in the north section of Valley of Fire State Park.  White Domes Trail was an easy loop hike that moves you through some intense scenery.  At the south end of the loop you pass through a very narrow, less than 6 feet wide, slot canyon.  This picture was take just before you enter the narrowest part.  I was really impressed with the detail and the lines showing the weathering in the rock face.  This is a HDR blend of three different shots in order to get as much detail as possible.  The before image is the middle bracket in a 3-bracket set.  You can see how much detail is lost, especially in the darker areas.  After putting the three images through Photomatix I wasn’t happy with the colors so I did the black and white conversion which I’m much happier with.

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