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Lava Point Panorama in Infrared

Lava Point Panorama in InfraredEarlier this year I stumbled onto an Ebay deal for a Canon PowerShot G2 converted to near infrared.  Infrared photography is something that I’ve been interested in quite some time.  When I upgraded from my XTi to the 60D I had intended to have my XTi converted.  Unfortunately, I haven’t worked up the funds to send the XTI for the conversion so as a cheaper alternative I started looking on Ebay and here we are.  The advantages to this are two fold.  One, I spent 1/3 the amount I would have spent to send in my XTi, and two, I’m able to explore the medium before before making the significant investment in the conversion.  Having taken the PowerShot with me on several outings this year I’m very happy with the results.  It is definitely something I’m interested in perusing further and when funds are available I plan on converting my XTi, in the meantime this PowerShot will suffice.

I decided to start posting an IR shot on Wednesdays and move my standard color photography posts to Mondays and Fridays.  This way I can start to slowly turn out some infrared images while keeping the same pace with my color shots.

This particular image is a 5 shot panorama taken from Lava Point in the north section of Zion National Park.  The main canyon of Zion can be seen off in the distance about a 1/3 from the right.

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