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34°58’59” N 114°25’28” W

34°58'59" N 114°25'28" WHere we have another shot from my trek along Historic Route 66.  This is the third of four images that I took together near the same spot.  I was really attracted to the curves in the road combined with the rocks (map).

This shot is also the 300th photo that I’ve shared on this blog.  I started this blog May 23rd, 2012 with a long exposure shot of a Ferris wheel from a local carnival, you can see it HERE.  That photo was over six years old when I shared it.  Now here we are just over two and a half years and 300 photos later.  I’m excited to see where I’ve come from and how my photography has grown.  It keeps me motivated to see where the next 300 photos will take me.

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