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Room With a View

Room With a ViewI couldn’t walk away from the old abandoned route 66 homestead without taking you inside.  This is looking south from just inside the front door.  I thought about venturing further inside, but my more sensible side kicked in and wouldn’t allow it.  As I was taking this I hear a scratching noise.  I look all around and can’t find a source.  My heart starts to speed up as I can’t identify what this sound is and where it is coming from.  Finally I look up into the rafters and find that a pair of crows have claimed this house as their own.  One of the two had returned and the pair were climbing among the rafters.  Dang near gave me a heart attack.

I must admit I almost didn’t share this shot.  The tonal range present in this scene, even for an infrared shot, was tremendous.  The bright outdoor sky to the dark interior made this shot difficult.  Even though I shot 6-brackets from -3 EV to +2 EV, I couldn’t get the blended image to look right in any HDR software.  Recently, the latest version of Lightroom was released with its new HDR feature and I thought I would give this shot another try.  I’m glad that I did.  The new integrated HDR feature of Lightroom is quickly becoming my go to for HDR blending.  I really like the clean and natural results I’m getting.  I may have to go back and re-visit some old HDR brackets to see what Lightroom can do with them (map).

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