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A Journey Along UT-143

37°39'12" N 112°48'16" W
37°39’12” N 112°48’16” W

Having wrapped up our hiking adventures in Cedar Breaks National Monument it was time for us to cruise along UT-143 with our destination being Panguitch, UT.  The plan was we would stay there over the next couple days while driving into Bryce Canyon in the morning.

37°39'17" N 112°45'29" W
37°39’17” N 112°45’29” W

Of course along the way I found some amazing landscapes and beautiful subjects to add to my Byways series.  The middle 4 images were are shot at the same bend in the road.  The first three were shot looking west while the fourth was facing east.

37°39'16" N 112°45'29" W
37°39’16” N 112°45’29” W

Once we checked in to our hotel in Panguitch we ate dinner and I convinced my daughter to venture back out with me back to Cedar Breaks National Monument to try for a sunset shot.  How that turned out, you’ll have to wait and see.

37°39'15" N 112°45'28" W
37°39’15” N 112°45’28” W


37°39'15" N 112°45'27" W
37°39’15” N 112°45’27” W


37°41'14" N 112°39'53" W
37°41’14” N 112°39’53” W


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Map of Locations Pictured


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