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Utah State Route 95

37°57’43” N 110°29’18” W (Google Map)

Continuing east along Utah State Route 24 we made our way to Hanksville, UT.  Once there we decided to take a quick break for a nice sit down lunch at Duke’s Slick Rock Grill.  While my daughter and I were enjoying our lunches, I obsessed over the decision to go north or south.  I eventually decided on south and Utah State Route 95, a quick trip through Natural Bridges National Monument, and on to our hotel in Monticello.  This route would also take us through Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and across the Hite Crossing Bridge over the Colorado River.  The trip was an absolute dream through some beautiful country with plenty of opportunities for photography.

37°56’31” N 110°28’12” W (Google Map)


37°56’30” N 110°28’11” W (Google Map)


37°53’45” N 110°26’47” W ( Google Map)


37°53’44” N 110°26’46” W (Google Map)


37°53’18” N 110°25’55” W (Google Map)


37°53’20” N 110°25’58” W (Google Map)


37°53’36” N 110°23’49” W (Google Map)


37°53’42” N 110°23’53” W (Google Map)


37°53’43” N 110°23’53” W (Google Map)


37°53’7” N 110°21’51” W (Google Map)


37°51’40” N 110°21’2” W (Google Map)


37°51’5” N 110°21’14” W (Google Map)


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Map of Locations Pictured

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